De GEATI - Grupo de Estudos Avançados em TI
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The potential future has already arrived using the SiGMA Europe Digital Expo and its main mate for your exhibition – 1xBet! This virtual event is going to take place in Late 24th-25th, bringing together a hundred speakers and 5, 000 guests from leading companies in the gaming plus technology industries.
The display is going to discuss the latest developments inside the gaming business, changes in sector regulations and the current styles in affiliate marketing.

SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo appeals to awareness not only having interesting audio system and issues but as well as its development. More than a hundred and fifty staff of various brands will present their best designs inside the electronic meeting bedroom. 원엑스벳 could get pleasure from attempting out the best activities from leading services. The main partner of the event, 1xBet, has helped take on the internet exhibitions to a good new degree.

“We possess been effectively working together together with SiGMA for a prolonged time. This year they offered a new look at worldwide exhibitions, joining together thousands associated with guests from all over the world online. This format possesses been successfully implemented with SiGMA Asia and SiGMA Unites states, and it was incredible.

1xBet supports innovations in the field, and we are thrilled to end up being directly engaged in setting up this particular top-level event”, – commented reps of 1xBet.