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Most people have learned about the elusive G-spot, but have you ever heard about the equally pleasure-inducing C-spot? Here are 2 biggest secrets that a lot of women enjoy but they are almost shy to tell their partners.

The C-spot is in fact another reputation for the female clitoris, a place that 94% with the women enjoy sexual satisfaction from.

Many men make the mistake to pay too much attention to the G-spot and neglecting the C-spot altogether. The C-Spot is simply as sensitive as the G-spot, the only difference is that it is located outside the vagina and it's also a female equivalent, to a man's penis.

This might explain why most women don't orgasm in any way during intercourse. Stimulation from the clitoris needs to be placed since your top priority with regards to vaginal arousal. Spend more time on her clitoris and she will bound to climax as fast as within a few minutes.

Also Try to find some innovative and fun approaches to stimulate her C-spot if you would like her to have different orgasmic experience.

1. Get her an oral vibrator:

You will get an oral vibrator in a sex novelty shops. It is different from regular vibrators because of its appearance. Most oral vibrators are created to look like a person tongue, it's a light and straightforward to carry vibrator that's built to stimulate her genitals like a man giving her oral sex.

Simply attach the vibrator for your tongue and you can stimulate her clitoris with easily.

One word of caution though: a flexible band is required to attach the vibrator to your tongue, so make sure you find the right size rubber band that produces the most comfort to your tongue.

2. Make use of a finger vibrator:

A finger sex toy works pretty much the same way as the oral vibrator. The only difference is the fact that, you have to attached it for your fingers as opposed to your tongue.

Stroke your finger down her clitoris together with your finger vibrator attached, it will send an in-depth massaging sensation in her own nether region that may bring her immense pleasure. In order to increase her sexual pleasure, use some lubricant to moisten her genitals.