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If you are a woman you will know that often you and your partner (if male) will experience sex in different ways. This could cause frustration for. Here are a few ideas for women on how to have great sex.

Tell your partner everything you like. Men often complain that ladies expect these to be mind readers. If you partner truly loves you he'll want to please you - so simply tell him what it is that you enjoy. Be specific - can you like to be touched, therefore where and how? Conversely, tell him what you don't enjoy. Soon the two of you can come up with a lost of products you enjoy most and explore those.

Control the speed. You because the woman should always control the interest rate at which sexual arousal moves, except needless to say for the instances when you are very happy to be 'taken' spontaneously by a lusty man, which itself can be quite a huge turn on. Your partner, if he's considerate, is going to be happy with that, as it ensures you can also be sufficiently aroused to take pleasure from the experience.

Explore different settings. Many individuals make love in the same position (and even the same period or days of the week) for a long time, and wonder why their sex-life has gone somewhat stale. Don't just make love in the bedroom; try other rooms inside your home, out in a garden, at the beach or even in a forest. Many of these can make for exciting sex.

Watch some erotic movies together. The soft-porn erotica it is possible to hire form the local video library may be intensely arousing, often much more so than hardcore porn. Locate a quiet evening, get out a rug, some candles plus some wine and make a night of it. It's almost sure to have the two of you doing more than just watch a movie together!

Explore yourself alone. Masturbation is not taboo, but offers you an opportunity to find out what truly arouses you - information you are able to share with your spouse later.

Try toys. Adult toys such as how to use a wand vibrator could be a great addition to your sex life, and extremely exciting to share with your partner. Try the we-vibe, the most popular toy.

Shower beforehand. Nothing can beat fresh skin to arouse you and your partner before making love. Needless to say you'll probably desire to shower afterwards also - or even during. These are just a few tips to help women have great sex, both alone with a partner.