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A proven way you can gain a profit from real estate investment opportunities is by flipping a home. House flipping will be the purchase of a house which is sold below their market value and then renovate it using the intention to resell the property in the shortest time possible with a higher price to make money. Indeed, there are lots of advantages in house flippers. Nonetheless, disadvantages are available in a package too. It is always beneficial for flippers to consider the advantages and disadvantages of house flipping before they go on to such investment.


1. Low barriers to entry Every individual has the right and opportunity to purchase a property as long as they have enough profit hand or they can also apply personal loan. There are no specific requirements in buying or selling a house.

2. Quick Profit Opportunity An average flipping process will often not exceeding six months from the beginning to finish. Sometimes, it may actually be completed in about 2 months. Therefore, among the best-selling points of the home flipping is it offers potential profits which can be relatively large and quick.

3. Economic independence Flippers can be considered as owner or boss of a business enterprise since they have no someone to please but themselves. They're responsible for every one of the decisions in regards to the flip. This can be one of the advantages of house flipping in which the flipper can now say good-bye to 8-5 business days, cramped office and dull office life and a difficult boss.

4. Additional Income A person can generate more income by flipping houses while still maintaining their full-time job. Thus, house flipping provides good thing about additional revenue stream.


1. Risky When you flip a house, it is essential to resell the home at a short given time because you will not be able to make a profit that you have expected if you're getting out of the time frame. Buying and selling property can therefore be rather risky in the event the property sits empty searching for too long. The more a property stays together with you, the lower the property value it's going to be.

2. Tremendous amount of capital Often, you need a large quantity of capital in upgrading your property. The expenses on materials, equipments and labors which are required in flipping your house are high. Furthermore, you will have to spend another critical amount of money on paying insurance, maintenance and utilities about the house that arise if you can't sell the home within the with time frame.

3. Tax consequences If you sell a property within 12 months, your profits is recognized as derived from a business rather than investment. You're held responsible for paying capital gains tax that's eventually higher.

In a nut shell, do not be disheartened from the disadvantages as the advantages of house flipping often overshadow the disadvantages of flipping the house. People will manage to get thier efforts repay at most from the times.