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There are many different types of Site para Divulgar Serviços open to people and business looking at advertising. Advertising is an extremely broad term it could be anything from a television commercial to someone walking around the trail with a big board mounted on them, it varies dramatically on price and effectiveness.

A tv advert for instance is a very expensive kind of it however it will reach a really wide audience, depending on the time of day you choose your advert to be aired can also get an impact on the price. A possible problem with a television advert is it does not always reach those who are interested in that product, it is very hit and miss.

On the other hand Business Directories are another form of advertising, however these adverts reach the desired people, they will not be seen by because but they will be seen by individuals you want to obtain them. This form of advertising will definitely cost a fraction of the cost as well.

Other services are posters, door to door flyering is another popular choice. Door-to-door flyering consists of a few advertising services combined, flyers will often be developed by a company and purchased in bulk, when the flyers have arrived the company will usually work with a courier or perhaps a number of people to distribute these flyers throughout many places, posting one through each letterbox. Depending on the amount of flyers you've got and the level of areas you distribute them to, this can be an effective service.