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A rub down therapist continues to be imprisoned soon after police got the survey of a intimate invasion at health medical clinic inside New Westminster.

Some sort of woman told New Waltham forest police force that she was intimately assaulted while obtaining the massage last calendar month on the Healthland Hospital with 555 Sixth St.

A new male massage counselor seemed to be arrested.

Police say typically the person, who they have not discover, has been released and fees of sexual assault have been suggested to Crown an opinion.

“Investigators believe there may turn out to be further sufferers who have not yet come frontward, ” mentioned NWPD Sgt. Jeff Martin. “It is definitely important to know, if you have ever visited a victim of lovemaking assault, you will end up being heard, and we will ensure you are offered resources and even continuing support. ”

You aren't more information or who also could have been a new victim involving a identical offence could contact the New Westminster Police force in 604-525-5411.

In Economy is shown, Surrey RCMP issued a new public find after two intimate catches were claimed to have occured with Healthland Clinic’s Surrey place on 7128 Full George Motorway.

In 마사지 구직 , the 48-year-old man, who has not been publicly identified, had been arrested in addition to introduced pending further research.

Surrey RCMP the guy was believed to include in addition worked at typically the Brand new Westminster location.