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The campaign through Danish ad agency Grandfather Grey highlights BK's individual customer service pledge.
Hamburger King's efforts to kobold competitor McDonald's have been constantly creative in new years, whether it's giving customers one-cent Whoppers if they're near a McDonald's or teasing its rival over its association having clowns. The latest effort, coming from Denmark, highlights purchaser services by replying to be able to McDonald's customer complaints about the brand's Facebook web site.

The effort, through organization Uncle Grey, found Fried chicken King write private feedback to over a thousand customers who had kept customer service-related comments on the McDonald's Facebook or myspace webpage over the course involving last Thurs night (Sept. 24). For each of these people, the brand offered aside a voucher for the flame-grilled Whooper, through some sort of link presented in a good BK reply.

Often 버거킹 is designed to identify the fact Burger King Denmark now guarantees that everyone gets a reply within forty-eight hours by themselves Facebook page. It furthermore says this will answer any person while far back in moment since Facebook allows.

“Customer services is a large part of the whole guest experience and we all have not recently been doing a new good enough employment throughout taking care of all of our friends online. When dealing with this particular we realized at this time there are even additional fried chicken fans out there that will deserve the reply. Many of us did what we can easily to aid out, hoping some fire grilled Whopper have a passion for can certainly help make things greater once again, ” says Daniel Schröder, Marketing Director, Cheese pizza Ruler Sweden and Denmark, in a very statement.