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Chemical Compounds

This new psychoactive substance is nicely soluble in ethanol, DMSO and dimethyl formamide . Intravenous, inhaled and rectal consumption must also be possible, however there are just about no user stories on these forms of consumption. Accordingly, the consumption is an unpredictable risk, attainable poisonous results could also be undetected. Chlorine-substituted cathinones are generally extremely neurotoxic (brain-damaging), which is why 4-CMC is suspected of being a potent neurotoxin. four-CMC (four-Chloromethcathinone) is a research chemical derived from methcathinone supposed to be stimulant and euphoric. 4-CMC – (four-Chloromethcathinone) is a research chemical derived from methcathinone intended to be stimulant and euphoric.

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