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Few players can do what Kaline could on the field. He could hit for power, always had a high batting average, and was a perennial gold glover in right field. He simply had no weaknesses. He won a batting title at the young age of 20! He was the youngest player in history to accomplish that feat.

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Strengths: Obviously, Scioscia is really the reason that this team contends year after year. Sure, Anaheim came up short last year. That won't dampen the spirit on this roster. Players love playing for Scioscia, and he will get the most out of them. He will run, run, and run some more, and he preaches the essentials of baseball. That is exactly what this team is going to have to contact this year to win matches.

20. Baltimore Orioles (24-27) - Baltimore is in last place in the American League East, but are just 5.5 games out of first place. The Orioles feel they are one hot streak away from being contenders in the division. Baltimore has seen their designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero bat.300 to lead the way. The crime also has seen Adam Jones crack 6 homeruns, drive home 29 runs and score 26 runs. The Orioles as a team are batting.251. The pitching for Baltimore has an earned run average of 4.43, which is 20th in all of baseball.

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Much like Alomar, Larkin is a recent mlb player player so his name is familiar. But he should be more than a familiar name. Larkin was a fantastic short stop who should have a plaque in Cooperstown eventually.

Kaline was among the greatest outfielders in MLB history. He not only won 10 gold glove awards, but he was the first baseball player to win the coveted award at two different positions. (right and center field). In actuality, he went 242 consecutive games without committing one error in the outfield.