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롯데리아 해쉬브라운 traced to the meeting of managers from fast-food franchise Lotteria provides sparked fresh concerns within the new coronavirus further spreading in Seoul and adjoining areas.

At least 13 personnel who attended a new meeting with a new Pesca franchise from the eastern Seoul ward involving Gwangjin about Aug. a few have examined positive to get COVID-19 while of Sunday night. 8-10 of them were Seoul residents.

The meeting regarding 19 personnel took position within the fast-food franchise's Gunja Stop branch before contributors experienced dinner at a pair of dining places in the area.

"We have examined 53 people who have therefore far been identified as obtaining been in contact (with the infected patients), with 22 testing damaging and others undergoing tests, very well Park Yu-mi, which qualified prospects the Seoul city government's public health product, said in a press conference on Wed morning.

Playground said that because the attendees were manager-level staff, some of them would not really directly interact with customers, introducing that zero additional disease has been identified from branches where manager examined positive.

8 Lotteria branches, like these near Jonggak, Seoul Stop and Lotte Team Retailer in middle Seoul, have already been affected simply by the latest infection, regarding to the city govt.

The reality that the infection broke out between employees doing work at fast-food branches, in which customers usually take away their masks and even stay close together, has enhanced concerns over additional infections among personnel and site visitors.

On Sunday, an official with the Central Disease Command Home office also said of which the people did not necessarily wear masks, nevertheless many people achieved for a prolonged time, fanning concerns more than the virus scattering.

Area said health government bodies have got sent text messages to people who visited the afflicted venues to be tried if showing symptoms.

Upon Thursday night, South Korea diagnosed 56 new virus circumstances, like 47 local infection, in accordance with the Korea Centers for Condition Control and Reduction (KCDC).

The figure, which in turn excludes microbe infections that had been identified immediately after midnight, noted the second straight day time in which daily cases hovered above 50 adhering to 54 cases on Friday.

A majority of often the fresh in your area transmitted circumstances had been reported in this greater Seoul area, which include 25 within Seoul and 16 in Gyeonggi Province, according to the KCDC.