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I prefer to sleep on a but for lying in bed with my head up I need to adjust the bed higher so my arse isn't on the hard plastic lower mattress. Speaking of lower mattress, this thing is composed of about 12 hard plastic rails that are aprox 4"-6" high. I've got my bed on my old box spring and it slides all over causing me to jam a falling out rail back in every week or so. The newest addition to Sleep Number's line-up is their Cooling Memory Foam line, which offers more pressure point relief with layers of contouring memory foam on the surface layer. Their m7 Smart Bed utilizes airy open cell technology in the 5 memory foam surface comfort layer for extra air flow to diffuse heat away from sleepers. Overall, customers have good things to say about initial comfort, but there were some complaints about durability for the luxury price tag. The Performance Series offers a higher profile than the Classic series, with the addition of more memory foam.
Conventional mattresses are easy to use in that you simply lie on them and no adjustment is involved. By contrast, airbeds in general including Sleep Number involve a learning curve in that you must find which setting is right for you personally.

At least 30% of owners say that significant time and effort was required to find their optimal setting or "sleep number." In addition, for the smart bed models especially, firmness settings can automatically fluctuate significantly in either direction, depending on temperature, barometric pressure, weight and sleeping position.

Additionally it is a more cooling foam layer for those that sleep warmer. The entry level of the series is the p5 and offers an 11
profile with 2 of cooling memory foam. These mattresses also come with a sleep tracker and Responsive Air™ technology that subtly adjust the firmness while you sleep. great post to read give the warranty a below-average rating mainly because non-prorated coverage ends after just the second year of ownership. No more than 3% of owners report finding mold in their Sleep Number bed, usually between the foam and air chambers. A small number of these owners report feeling ill because of the mold. Mold / mildew problems in a Sleep Number bed is a well publicized and discussed issue.
However, the number of owners who have a mold problem – or at least are aware of having such a problem – is small based on our collected data involving over 1,700 owners. As the charts below show, Sleep Number beds perform better than the average mattress in regard to pain relief. Among Sleep Number bed owners, back sleepers are most likely to report pain decrease. The less expensive models, namely c2 and c4, appear to have somewhat higher pain relief potential – especially for back pain – than the more expensive Sleep Number models. This is likely due their having a thin or non-existent comfort layer which allows the sleeper to benefit fully from the conforming-to-the-body ability and supportiveness of the air chamber. Sleep Number customer service may have solutions to problems with the middle, such as a "lift" which is a piece of foam that is placed under the air chambers to raise the middle.