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SEOUL • South Korea's "Garlic Girls" curling staff had been exploited by their own coaches who else stole tens of thousands of cash of prize money from the Olympic medal invariably winners, the country's sports ministry said yesterday, before validating the police will appear into the case.

Typically the curlers, who come through Uiseong, some sort of town well-known for garlic farming, have been rank outsiders on very last year's Pyeongchang Wintertime Video games.

But they became a media sensation as these people taken their way for you to an Olympic silver, the particular first Asian staff to be able to do so, in spite of limited capital.

Last The fall of, they will openly accused their mentors, Ellie Min-jung and Jang Ban-seok, of oral misuse and intrusive control, and claimed they possessed not got their prize funds from previous competitions. This motivated public outrage plus a übung by simply typically the ministry.

They claimed the particular coaches had been running Korean curling such as a family fiefdom. The husband of their scalp coach Kim is a new former national men's staff coach, while the pops, Kim Kyung-doo, can be some sort of former vice-president in the Korean language Curling Federation (KCF).

Following a five-week exploration, the particular Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism exposed that the allegations made by the curlers were "mostly true".

The declaration read: "It was confirmed that at this time there was increased control around privacy by typically the trainers, who clearly berated typically the athletes if they gave a talk with their previous mentors or perhaps runners from some other teams. micron

It additional that the mentors as well censored gifts plus enthusiast letters.

The ministry mentioned that the team had been not paid out properly seeing that the coaches possessed "mismanaged" around 94 zillion won (S$112, 900) of these salary, whilst embezzling close to 30 million won.

This übung likewise found that the motor coach rentals had evaded taxes and hired unqualified friends and family users to work on this nationwide team.

The ministry is going to inform the National Levy Service of it is results regarding Kyung-doo's tax evasion, according to Yonhap.

But the reports organization quoted Kang Jung-won, brain of the sports co-operation bureau at the ministry, since saying the suspect events "did not agree" with the outcome and had been contemplating an appeal.

컬링 -killing feats of this quintet, also known as "Team Kim" for their shared label, led to a enhance within the popularity of curling in Sth Korea.

They appeared to have all often the right ingredients for further accomplishment, with their food-based nicknames to get ease of identification making them media darlings.

The captain, Betty Eun-jung, is Annie - a brand of low fat yogurt -- while Kim Yeong-mi is Pancake, Kim Kyeong-ae will be Steak, Kim Seon-yeong is definitely Sunny - as in some sort of bright side-up egg -- and .k Cho-hee is Chocho, a new type of candy bar.

Nevertheless , they have since plummeted over the world rankings following failing to win the particular national trials in July.