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Deep is a preferred term among tech enthusiasts but nowadays it really is gaining popularity among regular geeks too. There is a similar term termed as Dark Web but there is a difference as Dark web may be the part of the internet that will only accessed if you possess the address while Deep Web is one thing you cannot access by standard means. The very first thing you should know about the deep/dark web is this fact part of the internet is hidden or invisible. It constitutes 97% approximate of our own total internet and only 3% is the surface internet which is accessible to us, means we can not access an enormous chunk of information with normal means.

You cannot access the deep web from normal browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer etc for several reasons. You will need a special internet browser to access Deep web understanding that browser is Tor browser. It is crucial to understand the risks when comes to visiting the dark web. Yeah, the dark web is definitely an ocean of infesting information and things. It isn't illegal to surf the dark web but few things such as buying illegal things like drugs, stolen things, guns, as well as other illegal activities might generate danger. This is the reason why this area of the internet is so notoriously infamous and highly insecure.

Many people sharing their experiences on social networking sites like youtube, facebook, blogs etc. buying mystery boxes in the Dark/Deep web and making an unboxing video and uploading it on the internet is trending.

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-You can find a lot of threads, discussions, and articles on various topics like Alien activities and others interesting topics. -It features its own Wikipedia known as Hidden Wiki for plenty of articles which you probably won't find on regular Wikipedia and social media like facebook known as Black Book to have interaction with like-minded people. -You can also get the huge database of educational stuff like books, documents etc. -Last although not the least it's got unrestricted and unlimited resources to endure, unlike regular web.