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Simply how much are your golf equipment worth for you? Some of us have expensive customized clubs, although some own a more affordable set. Whatever the retail value--our own clubs are what allow us play our very best game, so that they are valuable to all of us. That's why the Pros always bring their very own clubs on tour.

Enjoy playing golf on that holiday trip by doing what you could to protect your clubs from damage while on a trip. Here are a few tips when trying to choose the vice golf ball review for the situation.

Hard Travel Cases

The case is a hard plastic shell that delivers the most defense against drops and falls. These are the ideal choice while traveling by air. You may not be able to carry your clubs on the airplane with you, so you'll want the best protection you will get with the baggage handling process involved. It may get rough in that area!

Soft Travel Cases

Made from more pliant fabric, these are more car friendly because the outer shell is a lot more flexible. Try to find bags designed to use double stitching because this provides a sturdier hold.


Carry your golf travel bag around for a bit and will also be wishing it had wheels. Imagine walking what feels like miles by way of a busy airport while carrying your golf clubs--inline wheels are a must.

Handles & Straps

Look for sturdy, double stitched handles and straps that may easily support the weight against pulling and lifting.


Watch how the bag has some quantity of foam padding. This can absorb a lot of the shock from the drop or from heavy banging.

Traveling and playing with our own golf clubs beats renting clubs hands down! By using a golf bag, you'll be protecting your clubs from damage and ensuring you've got them if you want them most--on the greens!