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If you're thinking of hiring a maid, don't take the task lightly. Finding the right maid is an important decision which should only be made after carefully considering several factors. After all, you cannot just hire and let someone to your house and even leave them when you are away. You need to หาพี่เลี้ยงเด็ก that will not only do the job but also the one that you can trust.

Probably the most straightforward way to determine your requirements specifications is always to ask yourself a couple of key questions.

1. What kind of work do you need the maid to accomplish? Make a list of tasks your maid will be doing. Once you interview prospective maids, make sure to enumerate all these tasks so you'll have a common understanding of both your expectations. Your list could also help you determine whether one maid is enough or you will have to hire no less than two.

2. Simply how much can you find a way to pay? If you don't know how much to pay your maid, ask your pals to get an idea of how much maids cost today, then set a low cost.

3. What can other people say concerning the maid? Always request references and also give those references a trip. If the maid has been involved in any suspicious activity while doing work for someone else, you would want to know.

4. What can you need to know about the maid you hire? Always ask the maid to fill out an application form containing all pertinent private information. This is not only for information purposes, also for your own safety and protection. This application form should request the maid's complete name, social security number, state ID, and driver's license number.

5. Exactly what do you feel concerning the maid? When you initially encounter an individual, it is natural with an instinctive feeling about that person. Sometimes it's positive, while sometimes it is not. If you have a bad feeling in regards to the maid on your first interview, it's always best to trust your instincts. There are more maids on the market, and exerting more hours and effort in finding one is more advisable than checking your home to someone you do not be ok with.

6. What home cleaning skills do they have? Ask them the things they can do and the way they go about cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, glass and mirrors, hardwood floors, tiles, etc. If there's anything they do not know how you can do, it is vital that you give them the right instructions. Otherwise, they might do something wrong like damage your wood flooring. It is also helpful to know how much experience they've had so you'll know if they still need supervision.