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There are 2 types of sex toy in this world that scares lots of people - the inflatable butt plug and the metal cock ring. These two adult toys are ones that can create great waves of enjoyment for those that learn how to enjoy them properly but also for those that have never delved into our planet of "extreme" sex, they may be very often viewed as something only observed in hardcore pornographic movies. The thing is these toys can make a totally new love life; something that many couples desperately need!

Starting with the inflatable butt plug; it requires anal pleasure to the extreme. If you are bored of using small toys created for the area or just want to expand from anal sex alone, this toy is perfect for you. A simple to use gadget - you insert it deflated into the anus as soon as safely inside, you apply the pump action or battery powered device, (whichever you have chosen) to inflate the toy for your desired pleasure level. Beginning with a manageable size makes it easier to insert than some of the other toys that might be to insert into the anal region however, this means that your boundaries are just set because of your pleasure levels as opposed to what the toy permits. The inflatable butt plug could be inflated to the perfect size for that ultimate pleasure which means that it is a great toy for any beginner in anal play.

Moving on the metal cock ring, it really is another male masturbator that is often overlooked in terms of bringing new sexual fun into your bedroom. Just like the inflatable butt plug, it is a device which is often known as somewhat extreme however for those that are tired of the traditional cock ring you can use either alone or using a partner, it could really bring new things to sex. Cold metal often creates a totally different sensation to those using it as well as the simple alternation in material from silicone to metal will make the world of difference. Moreover it is viewed as S&M wear which means you can feel really naughty without going too much for you. As enhancement for sex goes, this can be a simple idea. The ring itself can guide you to maintain a harder erection when you may well not otherwise be able to perform so with many options including vibration packs; get ready to enjoy a whole new world of sex with no huge box filled with toys.

If you are searching for a little something to create the spice levels up in the bedroom you will want to take an excellent look online for many of the extreme toys that you can get your hands on. The inflatable butt plug as well as the how to use penis ring are simply the tip of the iceberg and you will find a whole new world of sex which you may not have known existed! A good a look on your own and see what you could find?