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You will find tons written on Goa like a great place to go to for a holiday online and if i hear you ask someone who has visited the place, will have good stuff to say about it. That being said, tourism is booming inside the state and growing each year. Businesses in Goa rely heavily on tourism the highest revenue cause of the revenue with the state.

Over time, seeing this steady inflow of tourism pouring in every year has prompted many local companies to set-up commercial along with residential profile to meet the need for accommodation that is witnessed each year. There has also been a change in the preferences of visitors holidaying in Goa searching for accommodation, while earlier many preferred to stay at an accommodation but now a day's the preference has shifted more for the peace, quiet and private of holiday rentals that are mushrooming throughout the state.

The kinds of accommodations are fully serviced, equipped with housekeeping, a fully functional kitchen, chefs on requests and much more. These types of accommodations have emerged around the coastal belts of Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, and Candolim, which in North Goa.

This trend has made many investors searching for homes to purchase this a part of India. Although foreign nationals cannot directly purchase real estate here, they are able to do so by generating a business. Indian nationals surviving in India and abroad also have taken an interest in Goa as well.

Historically, prices in Goa's housing market have never dropped, for property prices in addition to rentals. This has strengthened investor confidence to purchase Goa for steady appreciation in the value of the property that is more or less around 15% per year as well as quick rental income, renting out to vacationers on the weekly as well as a monthly basis. There are also companies that you will find that manage these rentals to suit your needs if you do not have time or are not in Goa. Rental for a period of a year and above can be completely customized with luxurious interiors all borne through the home-owner.