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A sock is footwear which is worn inside shoes to produce one feel at ease. Our feet are probably the largest sweat-producing areas of our body. So one often must feel more selective with cool socks India, this provides you with birth for the concept of custom socks, which is a sock made custom for specific need. They're socks which one can customize according to the size, shape, color, logo, designs, models and materials.

Where Needed-

These are generally needed and ordered in big amounts (usually at least 50 pairs of the same model) towards the companies that make then sell them and therefore are required mostly by various institutes like schools, colleges, offices, cheerleading teams, teams etc. and sometimes even for family reunions or promotional gifts as a part of a uniform.

General Models-

Custom socks have three main basic models (generally) on which one can customize according to their needs. They're ankle or quarter socks, crew socks and tube socks. An ankle sock might be found in two size variations: one slightly larger than the other (employed by mainly cyclists, basketball players and runners). A crew sock is calf-length (used mainly by tennis players) along with a tube sock is really a knee-length one (used widely in sports like soccer, hockey, softball, baseball through cheerleaders and air hostesses) and it is the most popular amongst these socks.


Customized socks are created by large organizations according to orders. Once the model and design is selected through the customer and the prices are arranged, the manufacturers start the process (sometime they may accept a setup fee). Because the delivery generally has to be done within 6-8 weeks, machines certainly are best approach to make these socks. That's the reason a factory full of knitting machines and experienced machinists is definitely a normal sight for any real customized sock manufacturer. In this context it's important to know that there are fake custom socks, too and also the real ones can never have logos and styles embroidered on there.

Sometimes there may be another point worth mentioning. Custom sock manufacturers often use overseas factory (naturally in the poor country) to work with the cheap labour available there. Sometimes some manufacturers mention inside their website the job place for their company. But that information might just as well be untrue. If this type of issue is matters to you personally, it's safer to look for a company that uses a workforce you are comfortable with.

Custom sock manufacturers are frequently decisive (mostly on the price issue) because of the lack of transparency inside the processes. Moreover, the dishonest ones often tend to embroider logos around the general models, making the socks not just a general one. While placing orders, you need to keep an eye open during these regards!