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The greatest benefit of the Internet in my experience is the capability to see a demand for a product, fill it with a creation that people buy, and walk away with my profits. Now, how great is always that?

The sad part is always that many people do that and fail miserably. I wanted to write a quick guide that will enable you to have the ability to walk into a distinct segment market, create (or rely on someone else to create) an electronic digital product to the niche market, and copy and paste ads directly into your PayPal account once you sell that product.

Before we even get going here, I wish to say that this actually takes work. There's no such thing as instant riches, however if you simply follow what I'm planning to teach you, you will end up up and running with money entering your PayPal account in no time at all.

All of it starts with getting a niche...

Many people think the need to be passionate about a market to make anything with it and that's simply not true. If you discover a good profitable niche you know nothing about, you can simply hire someone to make products for you personally that does have some understanding about that niche. You'll find many able individuals to do that at the freelance sites online.

Once you discover your profitable niche then it's time to do market and keyword research to find what folks are looking for in that niche. These keywords will lead you to what products to produce.

For instance basically want to go into the landscaping niche. I'm able to do keyphrase research for the term landscaping, in order to find related keyphrases. One that actually pops up when I do that is landscaping designs. I will think of a lot of products to produce around that niche.

Now once you know what products to create it's time to either create the product or hire someone to create it. Remember I said you can find people to create products for you at freelance sites. Basically was going to create products for the landscaping design niche that's exactly what I would do.

After your products is create, you need to create your marketing system.

Your marketing system consists of a sales letter on a website to sell your product, a payment processor to take orders, along with a download page so that once your customer purchases they could download their product.

I additionally recommend that you fit an affiliate marketer program in there. The quickest way to earn money off your products is to get affiliates to advertise it for you personally. When you have a joint venture partner program setup the different options are your time recruiting affiliates to promote your products for you personally. This way you can leave the marketing for them, and all your core mindset is is getting more affiliates to make more sales for you.

Once your marketing product is setup, you're ready to push the cash button. Put your order button on your own site, start recruiting affiliates to promote your product for you, and before long you'll have cash coming into your PayPal account.

You mustn't stop there though. Create multiple e-books for multiple streams of income. Again, by having an affiliate program set up, you're just recruiting affiliates and permitting them to do the selling for you personally.

Now I know what I've just told you is an extremely general guide, however, you can take what you've learned here, lay out in a plan, and investigate the topics that stump you. All of it starts with you doing it though, so begin by taking the starting point today!