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In case you’re not familiar with obtaining targeted traffic for affiliate marketing, this is the procedure for attracting individuals to your page that are genuinely thinking about your offers.

If you want to sell anything online, first thing you need is traffic. If people aren't clicking on your ad or visiting your website landing page, there's no chance you’ll be capable of sell anything.

The key to starting off this process correctly is always to make your traffic as targeted as you can. So, now you ask ,, where best traffic sources for affiliate marketing? In order to get targeted prospects, you either must pay for them or have them using various free methods. In this section, I'll briefly outline some of the best ways to get people in to the first stage of the sales funnel: Adwords/PPC (pay-per-click): Bidding on keywords your market pursuit of. Banner Ads: Having your banner displayed on a high traffic, targeted website. Solo Ads: Paying someone to send your offer with their targeted optin list. YouTube Ads: Getting the videos appear in front of targeted traffic.

You can get no cost traffic in the form of social media. These are some popular methods: Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are excellent resources for getting brings. What's great about these sites is that you can really target people -by gender, age, geographical location, interests and also income. That way you can build a list of prospects who are likely to reply to your offers. You can use social media sites by 50 percent ways -by getting friends, contacts or followers and networking with them or by utilizing paid ads on Facebook.

The following point you can try out are some obscure methods:

Articles, Videos, Forums, etc. You may get traffic by creating articles, uploading videos, commenting on blogs in your niche or by playing forums.

These can all get people to your lead capture page, where you can start building an e-mail list. They can also help you rank on the internet. While these are all effective, they could be time consuming. When you can afford it, any of these tasks can be outsourced. Joining forums inside your niche is yet another good way to get prospects for the sales funnel. You should be careful how you use forums though, you can also send people a bad message or perhaps get banned. The only place you should try to list your link is in the forum signature. It's also wise to create a real presence about the forum, replying to posts and starting legitimate threads. As a result people want to click on your signature. What's good about forums is that it's a targeted group of people in one place which team you can speak to for free. While there are lots of options, sticking with only a few methods at first is encouraged in the online space to help you prevent burn out.