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UFC 254 will take spot this month with all the really anticipated lightweight name deal with between champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and interim champion, Mr. bieber Gaethje serving as being the key event.

As it can be with best fight preparation, fighters normally fly within early to acclimate to be able to the time zone and the surroundings, especially when the area is a single such as Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. While they will do the majority of the hard job prior to birth, these people focus the last small amount of weeks in making often the weight cut and staying sharpened.
Khabib Nurmagomedov not too long ago presented fans some sort of peek connected with his fight groundwork. Typically the lightweight champion generally seems to get his privacy simply because significantly as he does his training. “You know precisely what, I don’t let any person key in my room without slamming on the doorway, ” Khabib said to help the cameraman having very good humor. “It [the door] was opened for me, not to get an individual, this is my private space, keep that in mind next time period. ”
Khabib Nurmagomedov is usually upbeat in advance of his last title protection
‘The Eagle’ then explained his exercising day regime and explained, “Today is usually grappling day, then hand protection, 30 short minutes running, then 30 minutes excess weight and 3 entries inside the sauna. ”
In front of his fight with Justin Gaethje, Khabib has introduced his / her entire team out and about to Struggle Island. This included their teammates coming from Dagestan and his American Kickboxing Senior high trainer, Javier Mendez.

“Mitts, run, weight and sleep, ” one of Khabib’s coaches explained like he gave his take on the training regime. Often the session mainly focused on grappling practice down with some cardio exercise. This kind of is to help along with the body weight cuts with regard to Nurmagomedov and his teammates, who are also combating in the card.

UFC 254 will be held with March 24, at Battle Area in Abu Dhabi. The case will bring to be able to a close this UFC’s second visit to this venue, with five planned cards culminating in the particular mega-event. It will draw ‘The Eagle’s’ first UFC overall look since he combat Dustin Poirier at ULTIMATE FIGHTER CHAMPIONSHIPS 242. Gaethje ended 1 undefeated streak in Might when they stunned Tony Ferguson. This individual will become itching to break typically the prestigious 28-0 streak also.

This really awaited clash will unify the labels with the winner becoming the proven UFC light in weight champion of the planet. What do is made regarding ‘The Eagle’s’ training camp? Do UFC중계 사이트 see him or her being able to enhance his history to 29-0?