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Ever since the worldwide pandemic brought the planet to a halt, companies have been struggling to switch their operations online. However, even trusted online retailers feel it's fully necessary to do their part and help combat the spread of the virus. BAMBINIFASHION, a Vienna-based online shop for Kids Designer Clothes, just unveiled its strategy to help alleviate the effects of the global pandemic. One of the world's leading children's luxury fashion retailers, BAMBINIFASHION will donate 5% of revenue of the many purchase made to the WHO, helping curb multiplication of the virus.

Information mill increasingly conscious of it's important to do their part & show their corporate responsibility during these difficult times. With both TIME & Fortune magazines estimating the global fashion market is going to take a downturn throughout 2020, it's the workers in supply chains who have suffered the most from lack of revenue since the social distancing measures got into effect. International Labor Organization estimates that 24 million workers will lose their jobs because of the stay-home economy, many of which are from the fashion sector. BAMBINIFASHION's technique is to fight on two fronts: to guide its business model and keep the wheel of economy spinning, and to reroute an integral part of its proceedings to assist those in need.

With all the number of cases rising well above millions & social distancing measures finding yourself in full effect, online shopping has often become the only way to acquire new products.