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You may be thinking, as you age, a decrease in your sex drive is normal... Well, you'd be wrong. An AARP study implies that older men still feel the maximum amount of sexual desire since they did in their youth. If getting older is not the culprit, something different must be happening.

Get make it happen anymore., there is certainly more than one factor at play and can be mental and physical. A low libido is usually associated with something mental. You got it right, stress will be the number one reason for a low male libido.

If you're able to rule out that the lack of sexual energy is emotional, we must start to check the physical. This can be a dip in testosterone. Men are losing 10% of these testosterone every decade as time passes. And some can lose a lot more and that's where andropause is available in. A loss of testosterone may also cause a decrease in bone density, balding and increases excess fat. Depression is an additional common symptom which will definitely affect your libido.

There are numerous men, fit through out their lives and in to the golden years. Life does not stop at 40 or 50, 60 etc. Their is no reason to deal with any of these symptoms, especially the lowest libido. Diet program us take our overall health for granted depending on our metabolism from your youth. Well, lets get some of that back.

Medications tend to only treat the signs and symptoms, and this will not help us in the long run, perhaps even hurt, with respect to the medication you're considering to take. There was just a report the Viagra causes blindness. That's right, blindness. And it's really only treating your symptom. You can find too many herbs and many types of อาหารเสริมผู้ชาย out there today to screw around with medication which may make you blind.