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An Edmonton massage therapist has recently been charged using sexually attacking two females during massage sessions at the west Edmonton health clinic.

Jose Martinez, 28, who was a registered massage therapist at the time connected with the incidents, features already been charged with a pair of counts of sexual attack, law enforcement said in a online press release service Friday.

During the first occurrence on August twenty five, a 22-year-old women proceeded to go to the medical clinic struggling from neck together with once again pain. She instructed police her breasts were massaged without consent.

Some sort of subsequent woman said she was assaulted on Come july 1st 23. The 30-year-old patient claimed the massage specialist performed a pectoral massage with no her consent, then groped her breasts. The guy as well massaged close to her groin place with out consent, law enforcement said.

마사지구직 said many people have been advised of the attacks right after both complainants provided their particular concerns with medical clinic administration.

The Certified Authorized Massage Therapist Association, some sort of regulating body for the field, has since suspended Martinez's RMT licence, police explained.

Law enforcement officials said Martinez has been also used as a good RMT contractor in a new health-care clinic inside higher Edmonton place and offers mobile phone massage services by using a internet site. An online profile regarding Martinez lists him since the owner of HomeBody Cell Massage.