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MyMusicTheory is the place to plan your music theory examinations online. Click on the grade you wish to study, or just click here to discover what grade you are. The internet has revolutionised teaching - not merely is a broad education available to anyone with internet access, but online courses are normally both very affordable (if not free of charge!) and incredibly effective. Typically, music theory provides been taught as an add-on, squeezed in by the end of piano or trumpet lessons, crammed just before an important exam, and forgotten after the exam is over. The internet is changing all that! Music theory is currently accessible as a subject that can be discovered at length, within an enjoyable way, whenever you want and at any age. check it out 've loved music theory so long as I could remember, and being able to reach an enormous audience worldwide teaching music theory lessons can be a dream come true for me - I hope to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with you and generally want to hear from my college students - therefore please send me a contact and tell me your tale!

One of the reason why that music theory lessons function so effectively online, (in comparison to a book, for example), is you could listen in addition to read, while you learn. Lots of students write directly into me, to tell me that functioning from a book will get really confusing - not merely because you can't pay attention to the lesson you are reading, but also because you can't ask questions or get clarifications if you're uncertain of anything. That's another reason internet based theory lessons work therefore well - as your teacher, I'm "virtually" here virtually at all times, and happy to answer your questions either using the discussion panel at the bottom of the web page for each lesson, or by email. You may also reach me at the rest of the usual places - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth! Each lesson on the site is followed by a full page of exercises - you may use these to check your understanding of the materials.

In most exercises you can reveal the answers by hovering your mouse over an image (e.g. music stave or light bulb icon) (on mobile devices you should click, but utilizing a mouse just need to hover). While performing interactice exercises is an excellent way to test your understanding quickly and effectively, nothing quite beats doing it the "old fashioned" way with a paper and pencil. For this reason, PDF versions of all the lessons on the webpage are available for a small fee (Click Downloads) and if you are going to be taking an test, I'd strongly recommend practising this way. Apart from the web-centered lessons, I also train music theory via video courses and by email. I've some courses made to be done by email, but also teach students this way, and offer you a marking services for past examination papers, exercises from music theory books of any type, or other related subjects. I'm 100% focused on music education and keen to aid anybody who is encouraging people (young or outdated!) to consider up music, as I passionately believe that being involved with music brings advantages to both the individual and society all together. If you are involved with a project and would like me to greatly help promote it by leveraging my social media marketing and site following or you'd like to write a guest post on my blog, please perform get in contact! I sincerely wish you love the music theory lessons on this site. Let me know in case you have any comments, recommendations or would exactly like to share your tale. Music theory lessons online provided by Victoria Williams BA Hons. Contact email This email address is being guarded from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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