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Facebook continues to be hard at work recently to make changes that may improve the way small businesses manage their Facebook Pages. They've got gradually been presented, so there could be one or two extra features that you aren't mindful of yet.

Let us take a look at these new features and see how they may make an impact on the way you manage your social media marketing campaign on Facebook.

Scheduled Posts

An attribute that was once only available with a third-party app, scheduling that person book posts has become available from your Facebook admin page. Posts may be scheduled as much as six months ahead of time. All you have to do is click the clock icon for that post and choose the starting time and date you want your post to appear.

Promoted Posts

A promoted post implies that you pay some money and your post will reach a particular number of users. You are able to set your budget amount. As an example, if you want to reach 3,300 those who like your page, then you may pay about $15. It really is up to you to decide if this sort of investment is worth it. Do an experiment to see if running one of these promoted posts is beneficial for your business.

Page Manager App

In case you are constantly on the move, it can be difficult to maintain your Facebook Pages. This new iPhone app gives you use of your Admin page to enable you to manage your small business Page without having to go into your personal account. You also get to look at your Insights at Post and Page level.

Page Posts Metrics

These give you a quick look your Insights right at the bottom of each post on your own Page. You get to see the number of people that saw your posting. It demonstrates to you the number of viewers who saw this post organically (on their News Feed or perhaps your Page) and virally (using a friend). You get to view the number of "likes" that you got for every post.

Admin Permission Levels

If you have multiple people dealing with your Facebook Pages, you may want to how to charge a laptop battery without a charger. This could save lots of trouble down the road! Now, you can find five levels for administration.

Manager: Can access manage admin roles; edit page and add apps; create Page posts; delete and reply to comments; send messages from the Page; make ads; and check out Insights.

Content Creator: Can perform all of the above, except manage admin roles.

Moderator: Can perform all of the above except manage admin roles, edit page and add apps, or create posts because the Page.

Advertiser: Has access and then create ads and examine Insights.

Insights Analyst: Has access only to view Insights. Are you excited about the new changes for administrating your Facebook Business Pages? What new feature have you been most very happy to see? What extra features would you like to see next? Share with us!