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The holidays are a good time to get something sexy and intimate for your woman. Intimacy gifts come in many packages, and here are a few obvious and not so obvious options for sexy presents:

1. Lingerie. Needless to say lingerie is usually a big winner when it comes to a sexy holiday gift. But that it's not incredibly original, and is rather obvious like a sexy present. Nevertheless it's an easy choice and can work well.

2. Adult toys. This includes lotions, creams, oils, deserts, lubricants, and several other choices. Women are acknowledged to throw "sex toy parties" in which the girls gather and similar to some tupperware party, someone brings a variety of sex toys which they sell. Should you hear of a family members girlfriend attending this kind of party on the holidays, a straightforward out in finding a sex toy like a present could be having your friends girlfriend pick up an assortment of items for you. Of course the personal touch will be finding a personal massager and selecting items you think would work best yourself.

3. A sexually intimate holiday evening as a present. This can be the most memorable and original present. Planning a special particular date followed with a very intimate holiday night alone together could possibly be the most ideal sexy holiday gift it is possible to give her. Your nights intimacy should be filled with new and exciting sexual intimacy techniques and tricks, that you simply haven't practiced before. Preparing yourself by studying a lovemaking manual which includes hundreds of tips, tricks, and methods is very important in making it an unforgettable night, and a memorable gift. And, you can also make the lovemaking book a gift for the both of you. It will literally be considered a gift that can keep on giving, through the holidays and beyond!