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I was told after only 4 years I needed a new pillow top and they pro-rated the cost for the years I had the bed and said it would be over $200! That did not make me happy when I spent a lot of money on this bed and had over 5 people I know buy from them. They say that they can’t bend but I’m here to tell you they can.
Before this I could do 8-9 hrs at work, and ride my motorcycle miles no problem. Now I can’t even throw my leg over the bike.
Are you looking to save some money on your new mattress? Use a Sleepopolis coupon code to save up to $250 on your purchase instantly. When you have problems it isn’t 100% covered.
Never had this problem with my Serta mattress. Please if you have any back problems don’t even think about buying one of them. Not sure I can live with the increasing pain of my back and the isolation of virtually sleeping alone another day. I asked them why they can’t just fix the pump if it was broken.
I’ve had it happen twice but Sleep Number has finally stood and replaced them twice even though they clearly didn’t want to they did. I have no problem falling asleep when I lay down, and I typically sleep deeply. However, when I wake I feel like I’ve been beaten during the night. I’ve tried a wide range of firmness options, but that doesn’t seem to affect discomfort I awake with. My biggest complaint , is the ridiculous cost of sheets!!!!!
Best bed I ever owned will be replaced with another Sleep Number bed. I was paralyzed for 3.5 yrs from a car accident. I can’t take anymore I haven’t slept in months. I can barely walk I can’t sit down at all with out being in terrible pain, I get up every min.

She said they didn’t do that; they replaced the entire thing; if I took it apart to try to see what was wrong it would void my warranty. I asked what if I brought the pump to the store to be looked at.

There should be a class action suit against this company and we would be happy to join in one. Have had a Sleep Number Queen bed for sixteen years. I will replace it this year for a slight Trench Effect.
Along with this we paid a few more hundred dollars to have the universal remote so we would not have multiple remotes at the bed side. I came looking for the estimated life of a bed and found all these people and complaints and was shocked. I have owned my sleep number for 10.5 years. It’s the original with “wired” remotes that simply go up and down. No fancy technology to show numbers or anything.
We also have to replace our mattress cover – another $234? tell everyone who asks – don’t waste your money. I dreamed of having this bed for years Is terrible! I have experienced all of the above.complaints. We bought a Sleep Number bed and paid thousands of dollars for it. In addition, we bought an upgrade to have the Dual temp($1,500).