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Many reasons exist for to try new sex positions which step beyond the boundary of what you may be accustomed to. The first is sexual excitement. By trying new positions, you can add a new degree of sexual excitement to the sexual relationship.

Remember, it is not necessary that you perform sex only in a single position every time you have sex. It is said that variety may be the spice of life looked after applies to sex as well. In this article, we talk over some face sitting sex to be able to practice the same with your partner. It is very necessary that you be careful while trying out a new position. You and your partner may not be comfortable with a fresh position or might be feeling hurt. Is always that you stop performing the act immediately.

The following is a list of different sex positions you might experiment:

1) Man at the top

This is just about the most common, bread and butter sex position for most couples. In this position, man gets into the women and they are offered face to face. Most of the couples start their first sexual act using this position. However nowadays, people look at this position to be old fashioned to check out better sex positions.

2) Woman on the top

Woman at the top is the most delightful sexual position enjoyed by almost all men and women alike. This really is one of the more preferable positions today. For males, it provides the opportunity to lie back and enjoy the ride! For a woman, it provides the chance to be sexually assertive while she gets exactly the stimulation and arousal she has to reach orgasm. It's a very powerful sexual position!

3) Sitting

Sitting sex positions are usually restful and mild. A couple can engage with each other emotionally. She may decide to ride him, either gently or fast, though she may get tired quite quickly if her quads are not accustomed to the exercise. A large advantage of sex within the sitting position would be that the couple can rest whenever they wish, perhaps kissing and cuddling until they may be ready to resume thrusting. Additionally it is easy to switch from sitting sex to only about every other position.

4) Standing

This can be one of the most difficult positions as both partners are standing. Penetration may become difficult and since most of the women are shorter than their partners, they'll have to stand on the stool to find yourself in a better position. The partners may hold the other person during the act to get a better grip.

5) Side-by-Side

In this instance, the partners lie on their own sides on the bed. The only real disadvantage in this situation is that one partner must keep his legs over the legs with the other partner and as a result the other partner can get cramps before too long.

6) Rear Entry

This is actually the most sexual of most sex positions. In this instance, the man inserts his penis from your rear end. What this means is the woman has to kneel on her knees and so the man enters from the rear.