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Relocating to a condominium is really a dream come true for many young professionals and families today. What many do not realize is that condo living is unique in many aspects. Those used to living in single unit houses will surely go through a phase of adjustment after moving in to their new homes. For buyers of Singapore condos, financial changes could be the most evident.

Families and folks who consider relocating to a condo will enjoy the amenities including swimming pool, gym, basketball court, or tennis court. Accessibility-wise, most Singapore condos have reached locations near supermarkets, offices, schools, and hospitals.

Condos are still more affordable than townhouses or single unit homes and they make a great investment. Some homeowners today purchase The Linq At Beauty World Showflat and lease these phones BPO employees. Even though many decide to buy, there is certainly still many who would rather rent.

Adjustment phase: Prepare to pay for condominium and association fees

Many condos require payment of association fees, that go over repair and maintenance of common aspects of the building. Home owners are only responsible for repairs and maintenance of their own units. In Singapore condos, most condominium associations put aside a fund for future expenses. General and exterior repairs will be the obligation from the condo association. The association dues collected from condo unit owners are utilized to maintain the facilities and amenities offered by the real estate. These fees vary, but are almost always much less cheap as homeowners would like them to become. For a growing family or even for single tenants, the apartment fees definitely take a toll on their budget.

Leave behind total silence and privacy

Singapore condo unit owners are partners with the rest of the home owners of the complex. In most cases there will be greater than four condo units in each floor, based on the area of the complex. Literally, units are separated by walls. Lucky for many who live alongside people who like serenity and peace, but living close to a family particularly with children or alongside a couple who perpetually argues could be bothersome.

Owners have only rights for the interior walls of the units. All of those other structure of the building as well as the land is shared with other condominium unit owners. Also, unlike townhouses which have verandas, garages, or garden, condo living is limited to the four spaces of your unit. Families with children will discover that it is a challenge to keep their young confined in their Singapore condos. This is where the club amenities seem useful. There are lots of Singapore condos that provide excellent amenities besides beautiful units. When purchasing condos, consider the amenities offered to compensate for the possible lack of personal space.

When the time comes a condo unit owner decides to offer his unit, it could take longer than expected to resell it. Today, it is easier to obtain a property rather than resell it. Singapore condos relatively have higher market value due to the location; perhaps the resale value remains competitive years following your purchase.

Achievable home owners, condo living still remains a better option and many are prepared to overlook the cons.