The Warnings for Over-the-Counter Whitening Treatments

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If you are intrigued in whitening your smile with an in excess of-the-counter whitening treatment method, then our dentists, Drs. Nourahmadi, Adham, Kim, and Nga, would like to notify you about some facet results associated so you can know every thing about the treatments and do your best to treatment for your teeth and gums. Although some in excess of-the-counter treatments can effectively whiten your smile, the pursuing factors can take place:

-Tooth sensitivity: More than-the-counter whitening therapies can trigger tooth sensitivity since a lot of folks are pediatric dentist Brookfield delicate to hydrogen peroxide, which is quite often the lively ingredient in the treatment method. The treatment invisible aligners Lyons method can open up the channels in the teeth that lead to the delicate interior surfaces. The sensitivity will most likely only previous the length of the remedy.

-Gum irritations: If you misuse the treatment method, like if you keep the whitening answer on the smile for as well extended, your gums can turn into irritated. When this transpires, they can begin to pull absent from the enamel and expose the roots. This can also lead to the tooth sensitivity and it can lead to a a lot more unattractive smile. The gum recession doesn’t go away until it’s handled.

Do you have any questions about in excess of-the-counter whitening treatments in Bolingbrook, Franklin Park, Joliet, Naperville, Plainfield, Riverside, and Wheaton, Illinois? Or would you like to timetable an appointment for a specialist whitening treatment method? If so, call Shining Smiles LLC today at 630-972-4010. Our dental group will be happy to aid you. We seem ahead to your telephone call!