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Sandalwood essential oil was used by many traditional healers for many thousands of years. It's got also been found in religious ceremonies as an incense. This is biggest on the Indian subcontinent, where it's written about in religious scriptures going back to before the time of Christ. This information will cover the therapeutic properties of best helichrysum essential oil and a few of the other ways to use it. It will discuss the way the where the oil originates from and how it's extracted.

Sandalwood essential oil is created from the sandal wood tree. This tree is typical in Asia, specifically in India where a lot of the essential oil is produced. The tree needs to be at least Thirty years old prior to it being used to make the oil. The oil is obtained from the heartwood or even the roots of the tree through steam or water distillation. The resultant oil is a thick substance that has a slightly sweet woody smell plus a light yellow/brown color.

The essential oil has numerous uses both in the cosmetic and food industries. It really is used as a fragrance in many blends of perfume. It is also used to scent soaps, shower gels and shampoos. Inside the food industry it's used as a flavor additive to many drinks and refined food.

However as part of aromatherapy, it provides a number of healing qualities. These qualities have been discovered by using the oil for differing ailments or may be passed down from medical traditions like Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese practices.

With regards to skin care, it will pay for Acne, dry or cracked skin. It can be blended with other oils and massaged into the affected areas or it can be added to soap and used to wash the affected area.

Sandalwood essential oil is also used aftershaves that can help prevent shaving rash when applied after shaving.

In Ayurvedic medicine it is used for many respiratory problems. These include coughs and flu. In addition, it can be used for a painful throat, laryngitis and bronchitis. It is commonly used as an expectorant for these kinds of ailments. This means breathing in the sandal wood scent that is added to domestic hot water or by rubbing stomach with a solution of sandalwood essential oil.

Chinese medicine uses sandalwood essential oil for stomach complaints like vomiting, diarrhoea or pains and aches. It is also utilized to treat gonorrhoea and cystitis. It is even regarded as used as an aphrodisiac by a few practitioners.

Sandalwood is also useful in treating nervous issues that result from stressful situations or stress inducing activities. Many of these conditions include insomnia, depression or anxiety. Sandalwood essential oil can be burned having an oil burner or air diffuser to scent the air with the soft woody smell. This will help to calm the nerves of people which may be stressed or anxious. Additionally, it may lift the spirits of people which may be depressed and modify their moods to a more positive outlook. It can help to calm people down before each goes to sleep thus ensuring that the get yourself a complete sleep.

Sandalwood has been known to change the state of mind of people for many years as it is a principle ingredient in many incense products that are used in religious ceremonies.