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The trial has started for a Calgary therapeutic massage therapist charged of sexually assaulting sixteen adult men while in appointments.

Much of the trial can be taken up with the testimony of the adult males who else say Dennis Baltazar, forty-five, sexually assaulted these people in the course of massage therapy lessons.

Between November 2017 in addition to October 2018, Baltazar proved helpful at The Activity Activities Clinic and the Chinook Chiropractic Clinic. At often the time charges were originally laid, authorities said the two clinics was co-operative.

Baltazar was initially detained throughout March 2019 in addition to billed with four offers involving sexual assault. Soon after announcement of his rates, additional men came forwards.

All of the accidents are alleged to have taken spot during planned massage treatment appointments.

"During typically the rub therapy meetings in issue, often the [complainants] suffered Dennis Baltazar interesting in some sort of touching regarding their genital place, very well said prosecutor Donna Spaner in her beginning affirmation.

"Further, we expect to have a few complainants will state that following massage therapy remedy from Dennis Baltazar, non-consensual 'hugging' occurred. "

Baltazar received a degree around physical therapy in the Thailand and a massage degree or diploma from Mount Noble School, according to an aged online biography from the former place of work. is presently away on bail. He or she is represented by protection legal professionals Karen Molle and even Jennifer Ruttan.

Spaner and even Sarah Goard-Baker are prosecuting the case, with Court connected with Queen's Bench The legal Willie deWit presiding over the judge-alone trial, which is usually set to final several weeks.