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British Horror Movies Celluloid Wicker Man

It's a recognized fact in the world of the horror style, that British horror movies are often exceptional. Previous makes an attempt to popularise horror saw very discernible villains do battle with the power of excellent (the early Common monster motion pictures like Dracula and Frankenstein with Bela Legosi and Boris Karloff in the Thirties, or Hammer's motion pictures with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the Nineteen Fifties) leaving less to the imagination in favour of visceral shocks and, latterly, when colour film turned prevalent, blood-pink gore.

Naysayers would possibly query the validity of cult sci-fi horror basic Occasion Horizon on a best of British checklist, however given Paul W.S. Anderson took the reins, and production saw the majority of Pinewood studios taken over, added to the endearing presence of Sean Pertwee not sounding like a Masterchef the Professionals voiceover man, it gets a pass from us. Even with a rock solid cast the film tanked on the box office, before finding a vast and enthusiastic audience in the residence rental market.

The American writer-director (whose credit MIcro Budget Movie embrace Taxi Driver, American Gigolo and Affliction) had taken to making movies like the bitter Hollywood satire The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan and the cartoonishly violent Dog Eat Canine, shot cheaply, aimed toward a VOD viewers. Highlighting a resurgence of the British rural horror at first of the century, the presence of Canine Soldiers on the checklist could be contested.

Brilliant high 10. Love British horror films. Quite frankly, this appalls me. The movies (all 30-plus of them, together with such gems as Carry On Instructor, Carry On Behind and Carry On Physician) are a British establishment. There are so many iconic moments on this film, so many things which have shaped both the horror genre and our culture's idea of evil; one thing about this movie really struck a chord, and even now it's pretty efficient.

An abroad success, Witchfinder Basic is usually excessive up in reviewers' lists of the greatest horror movies of all time. The unsettling new film Ghost Tales starring Martin Freeman and Paul Whitehouse is likely to elevate the hairs on the again of your neck. Sicilian Ghost Story is a style-bending affair that combines elements of youth romance, gothic psycho-drama and political thriller.