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Welding is serious business; typically to weld once must use a torch. The torch that is utilized can easily burn the retinas of the eyes. A welding mask protects your eyes and the remaining portion of the head from your sparks that fly around while welding.


The initial welding helmet was devised to protect the eyes and head in the ultraviolet rays which can be produced by the arc welder. It had been very heavy together two dark peep holes that the wearer could look out of.

The original mask was lined with asbestos to prevent burns, however unfortunately for your users of the type of mask it had been determined a couple of years down the line that asbestos was very hazardous to breathe in. Many of the users of those early masks ended up very ill with lung cancer that was directly over time linked to while using original form of mask. There is usually a leather hood that has been worn under the mask and draped over the shoulders and covered the neck to incorporate additional protection. It is hard to find a mask which is new that still has the leather hood available.

With time the mask has evolved into a lighter structure. The lens now could be usually one solid piece and is also clear but treated to protect the eyes, it darkens like some sunglasses do if this detects the alteration in the light made by the welding and definately will darken to regulate. Many welders still complain the welding mask is bulky and may block their view, but working with out a welding mask particularly when arc welding is very dangerous and will cause serious injury to the eye.

Welder's eye is extremely painful; a person's eye becomes extremely swollen, red and hurts. Frequently even with the advantage of the welding mask welder's eye occurs. Immediate medical attention is needed to often this condition.


A welder mask could be very expensive, however it is a very necessary machine. Welding cannot be accomplished without the safety of your welder mask.

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