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With regards to taking photos, everybody knows that it is an art. Photography is seen as art, because you can capture numerous beautiful things on camera - from nature to human emotion. There's nothing more beautiful than capturing genuine emotions, for example love, on camera, and cherishing these captured emotions forever. The special moment stays immortalized in the beautiful portrait. Like a photographer, it is possible to give people their moment in palpable form... and there is something very rewarding with that. Beyond just taking photographs of men and women in certain situations, you may also create art for several other mediums. Magazine photography is seen as one of the best ways that to create striking, editorial art pieces that will live on in the minds of people for a while.

Photography is also seen as art because it has the power to demonstrate beauty in everything. In reality, it can take one of the most gruesome events making them seem to be beautiful, fleeting moments with time. Take the death of Evelyn Hale in the 1930's. She was among the last visitors to jump off of the empire state building. She jumped to her death and one of her last requests was to be kept forever beautiful, even just in death. The funny thing was that the photographer was one of the first people on the scene and he took the opportunity to photograph the event. Even in death, the lady was gorgeous and, as a result, the image is as stunningly epic since it is gruesome. The past photo that has been ever taken of her was as she lay on a crumpled limousine, clutching a white scarf in her hand. As the photo was drawn in black and white, there's no blood to be seen. She looked peaceful. The person who took this photograph found the beauty in the tragic situation - proving that photography can be as much a type of art every other creative discipline available.

Change perceptions

Once you take photographs, you can change the way in which people see things. You can also shed light on some serious issues, in exactly the same that 'traditional' art does. Art should really get people thinking, whilst causing them to be aware of what exactly is happening on the planet. You can definitely accomplish this with UX as well. Think of every one of the images emerging from war torn zones, and how you feel having seen them. In fact you would not know of these situations in these explicit detail if someone else hadn't photographed them and brought that awareness around the globe. In this era, where seeing is believing, you should be able to take pictures to record the basic truths of specific situations.