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Since the largest city in Turkey and the capital from the region the location where the East and the West meet across the Bosphorus, Istanbul is an ideal spot to explore. If you are staying for any weekend or longer, book a space in one of the best hotels in Istanbul and head to the city to explore.

As you wander round the ancient and enchanting streets with the city, you will see so much history it really is almost overwhelming. But that's to be expected: take a rest back in your room in one of the best hotels in Istanbul, then leave to refuel. You will discover no shortage of places to dive directly into the local and international culinary culture. Be sure to try the kebabs, the street food and also the seafood, which are extraordinarily fresh and engaging.


The city can be a meat-lover's paradise when it comes to the cuisine. This isn't to say that vegetarians are not well-catered for too, nevertheless the pride from the city could well be the kebabs. These bankruptcies are not the British following the pub version. The kebabs in the city are an art form all their own. Once you step out of the lobby of the greatest hotels in Istanbul you'll never be far away from some of the top places within the city to sample a tasty kebab. From the sliced franchise, with succulent lamb and spices, towards the grilled chunks of high-quality meat, there's a kebab shop for any budget and palate. To find the best views and some of the tastiest versions in the city, book a table at Hamdi Restaurant right near the major mosques. Or, check out Ciya Sofrasi, which serves traditionally cooked kebabs and dishes that change daily according to what's fresh.

-Street food

All over the city you can't help but see the many street vendors offering their tasty looking dishes. The very first thing you will see will probably be the simit dealers walking from the crowded streets hawking the ring-shaped savoury breads from pole they keep on top of their heads. Give these a try and then make sure to try misir (grilled corn) for your veggie intake. After having a night out, you may want to try the kebabs or perhaps the pizza-like lahmacun, which is a thin round of dough engrossed in ground meat, spices plus a touch of tomato. The bottom line is to be adventurous and obtain a taste of the things.


For those who are residing in the best hotels in Istanbul, you'll not be too far from the Bosphorus and the seafood that's bought and sold right there on the shore. To get a quick meal, grab a bahk ekmek (fish bread) from of the vendors by the water. It contains fresh fish, usually just brought in by boat, grilled or fried before you and served simply in bread. Or, if you want something a bit more elegant but low-key, choose the freshest ingredients from the fishmongers and take them home. However if you want to experience the glamour and magnificence of the city, there's no limit to the variety of restaurants serving up several of the finest seafood you'll ever eat - and the best thing is that you may get excellent meals to accommodate any budget.