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If you are a potential real estate buyer and are yet to choose whether you desire a single family house or a condo then this article is perfect for you. People generally settle for condos owing to the fact that the constant maintenance fees of amenities like pool, garden, lawn, badminton court etc are distributed to other residents with the housing complex. However, you will find people who are not really interested in sharing the aforementioned facilities with others-meaning they would like to enjoy complete ownership of each square inch of your home owned by them. These are the individuals who prefer single houses instead of condos. Listed here is a rundown on the factors which you should consider while purchasing a One-North Eden Showflat. Keep reading!

A few points to keep in view while investing in a condo!

Location: Location with the condo creates one of the most key elements judging its suitability. A remotely located condominium - regardless how cheap it really is - would ultimately turn into an expensive proposition in the end if you have to avail the aid of cars/bus/cabs etc to access the local market place, school and clinic. So, be certain that you're zeroing in on an option after considering this factor closely. In connection with this, it must be mentioned that Leedon Green might turn into an ideal choice!

Besides, the position of the complex, you should always be considering the keeping of your own private suite within the complex. For instance, if your suite can be found too near to party rooms, it's going to lead to inevitable noise concerns. Similarly, the elevation with the suite will affect the street noise factor. Consider lakeville residence at Jurong Lake for a hassle-free living experience!

Cost: The price of the condo varies with several factors including

-The location from the condo -Its size -Upgrades (or no) Though the maintenance (of the amenities, as mentioned above) fee can be shared, it ought to be remembered it (the constant maintenance fee) is too high in case of some housing complexes. The top fees should infallibly be added to the payment for loan approval.

You ought to secure quotes from several condo owners before zeroing in in your choice. If you are buying a resale unit, make sure you might be closely taking into consideration the fees as compared to the similar buildings with units of comparative size.

Regulations: The usage of the condo facilities is controlled by a set of regulations and rules. The Condo Associations have the effect of ensuring that these rules aren't flouted. It is very important to get a potential condo buyer to know these rules before choosing the property. Needless to mention, an attorney could be of great help. You should also remember the proven fact that there are a few condo associations who are not approved by lenders because of several factors.

Neighbors: Unlike detached homes, a housing complex requires you to live in proximity with neighbors. You might as well find yourself sharing room walls using them as well. Finding out about the neighbors (whether in any way you would be co-exist peacefully in the same complex or otherwise) would be critical, too.