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버거킹 from Danish ad agency Grandfather Grey highlights BK's very own customer service pledge.
Fried chicken King's efforts to kobold rival McDonald's have already been forever creative in recent years, whether it's giving customers one-cent Whoppers any time they're near a McDonald's or teasing its equivalent over its association along with clowns. The latest energy, coming from Denmark, highlights buyer service by replying in order to McDonald's customer complaints on the brand's Facebook webpage.

The effort, through organization Uncle Grey, noticed Burger King write particular replies to over a 1, 000 clients who had quit customer service-related comments on the McDonald's Myspace web page over the course involving last Thurs night night (Sept. 24). For each and every of all of them, the brand gifted away from you a voucher for a new flame-grilled Whooper, through a good link given in a good BK reply.

The particular stunt is designed to highlight the fact Burger King Denmark now pledges that anyone gets a response within forty eight hours automatically Facebook webpage. It in addition says that will answer anybody since far back in time as Facebook allows.

“Customer service is a huge part of the overall guest experience and we all haven’t already been doing a good good enough work in taking care of our own friends on the web. When handling this we realized presently there are even additional burger fans out there that deserve a reply. We did what we may to help you out, hoping a few flame grilled Whopper take pleasure in will help make things greater again, ” says Daniel Schröder, Marketing Director, Hamburger King Sweden and Denmark, in a very statement.