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Equipmed is the greatest bet in terms of disinfection surface cleaner, among other important daily uses specialized products. The great range of products is of fine quality and performance and ideal for the upkeep of highly sterile and hygienic environments.

Dermatological and cosmetic merchandise is available in a comprehensive range. These are extremely sophisticated, innovative this will let you wide variety of choices. Some of these products can be purchased safely online by hospitals, beauticians, doctors and also for individual use.

Disinfection Products

Disinfection has become become a key point of everyday living to fight multiplication of viruses, bacteria, germs and microorganisms. Whether it is your home or work place, reducing the pathogens will reduce risk of diseases. Disinfectants can kill pathogens on-contact, depending on its chemical composition. Equipmed features a range of disinfection equipment to meet your daily home, hospital and office needs.

  • Sprays: These powerful disinfectants are capable of destroying 99.99 percent of unwanted organisms, virus, fungi, moulds and yeasts that cause dangerous diseases. The sprays don't leave any residue and aren't damp and so are highly effective and much better than harmful chemicals employed for cleaning.
  • Solutions: This can help by using UV-A light to get rid of bacteria and viruses and it has a deodorizing impact on rooms. It can be used in daycare centers, doctor's clinics, kitchens, hospital wards and laboratories, among other locations.
  • Hand Hygiene Monitoring System: This innovative and superior equipment is highly recommended to be used in food preparation areas, healthcare facilities, clinics or anyplace where hand cleanliness is of high importance. This excellent tool evaluates only valid hand washing.
  • Keyboards: Everybody knows how much of contamination can happen while using keyboards. The specialized ergonomic keyboards are stand alone and can be washed with disinfectants to stop spread of diseases.