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No matter how many times you improve your hairstyle it simply doesn't look or feel right. Heard this before? It could just be how the style you've selected does not compliment the actual shape of your face. In our opinion, the answer lies in identifying what that person shape actually is. Armed with this info it should be easier to choose a that compliments your physical features. We hope the guide below can help you decide what styles should suit you best.

Round shaped face:

If this best describes your face then the intention here may be to choose a style that can help to slim the facial skin. To prevent that person looking too full select a hairstyle that creates more volume in the crown with the head as opposed to the sides. Don't opt for a full fringe or even a center parting as this will not compliment your physical features. If you are used to having a parting then makes it off-center to help break up the roundness. Should you prefer a short look then avoid a slicked back look or curls, instead pick a style with waves or with soft movement.

Oval shaped face:

Well if this is your category you are very fortunate because there are next to no hairstyles that won't suit you! Whether you desire a short, medium or long hairstyle then some of these should satisfy your features perfectly.

However avoid a style that covers your face in some way, as this can give the opinion of your face appearing more fuller. Have a great time though while lucky enough to try almost any hairstyle you would like and still look great.

Heart shaped face:

This best describes people whose face appears wider on the forehead tapering as a result of a small chin. We might advise never to choose a hairstyle that includes height or body to the top of your head. In so doing, this will be sure that your chin doesn't appear less space-consuming than it is. Ideally that which you would want to do is actually the opposite, thereby making the jaw line look fuller. You can do this with a shaggy, curlier or wavy style about chin length which may be about the perfect length for the shape.

Square shaped face:

Typically characterised by people with a strong jaw line. I might say that I'd fit into this category myself along with what I try to find is a style that softens the appearance. This can often be achieved by choosing a drawn back look where the shapes with the cheekbones are accentuated. Choosing a style which contains waves, curls or layers could also help to distract from your jaw line.

Long or Thin faced shape:

Ideally something similar to a bob cut is a perfect choice for this kind of face. The main intention is to avoid wearing your hair just lower. What we would like to do is choose a hairstyle that includes volume to the sides of one's head, thereby giving the sense of more width.

On your next stop by at your hairdresser consult with them further the shape of your face. Discover from them their recommended style that they can think will suit the shape of your face best. We hope you have found the following tips useful and hopefully it can help you when next considering a brand new hairstyle.