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In the outdoors and being cold and uncomfortable don't invariably have to go hand in hand. Having the right equipment and proper clothing will help with this. Thermal socks and thermal shirts are necessary for being in the outdoors, and this is not limited by colder months.

A best socks for athlete's foot can be made of a selection of materials. Wool continues to be the industry standard and best insulator for many years. It's going to retain heat even though wet, so it's ideal for cold and wet conditions. In case you are someone that has sensitive skin, Merino wool will offer the same degree of warmth, and often will be softer plus more comfortable than traditional wool socks.

Blended synthetic socks will often times offer the same degree of warmth as wool if not better. According to your body chemistry and the level of activity you will be doing, it's a good idea to also wear a liner sock such a polypropylene one that will wick away any moisture from your feet.

It could take some trial and error to find the right socks for the feet and also the activity level you will be doing. You may certainly not want the identical thermal sock for day hiking in the spring as you would for an extended backpacking trip in November. During rest and activity, the feet should remain warm however, not overheated that you are sweating excessively. Having multiple pairs of socks to change is advisable when outdoors. Having dry comfortable socks will lessen the chance of getting 'hot spots' in your feet which could develop into blisters.

With there being so many types available, do not stop searching unless you find the thermal socks which can be right for your feet and what you will be doing. Make sure to compliment all of them thermal shirts as well instead of cotton and will also be sure to comfortable under any conditions.