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Condominiums lead to wonderful living selections for homeowners who are unwilling to bear the top maintenance costs which are usually connected with individual "houses". When you are buying a Liv At MB you might be actually investing in a particular unit of your complex which is home to other condos (or condominiums) and you are free to do anything whatsoever within the four walls of your rooms. There is also to enjoy facilities like gyms, pools, lawns, gardens and roofs however you have to remember that they (these facilities) are shared by all of the residents of the complex. There exists a strict legal framework managing the usage of the shared part of the property and you have to pay a regular monthly fee for regular maintenance of these spaces.

A few rules and regulations which every potential condo buyer should know

The monthly or semi-annual or annual fee which you will be paying for your shared property is decided by the size of the unit owned by you. The association or even the collection fee being paid by you is used for that upkeep of

-Pool maintenance -Lawn services -Trash removal services -Club house maintenance -Exterior repairs -Maintenance of roads The condominium association plays a key role in establishing the laws and by-laws which are recorded with all the local land office (details available with the unit division). Once you decide to buy a unit in the complex you will end up clearly made aware of the owners' as well as the association's responsibilities when it comes to maintenance and repair work. For instance, while homeowner's are accountable for their own patio space the association is in charge of the maintenance with the gym.

Condominium associations are legal entities and as such enjoy the directly to impose fines on members who flout the kind of norms managing the condo management. When you start surviving in a condo you feel a member of a residential district. Just as a residential area is governed by a set of laws targeted at preserving societal harmony so is a condo. So, make sure that you are buying a condominium, keeping these points at heart.

What can you do?

If you are willing to obtain a condo (just like the botanique at bartley) in the near future then we indicates that you take a seat with an attorney to examine the laws and bylaws managing the particular little bit of property you would like to buy. It really is unwise to buy a condominium without understanding relevant rules and regulations.

One of the biggest factors influencing your choice to buy an apartment would be its location. You'll definitely want something is well linked to the popular means of transport and is also in proximity to varsities, hospitals and malls. For instance a condominium near bartley mrt would definitely be higher in your preference list as opposed to some remotely located housing association.

Keep the location at heart while purchasing a condo. Keep your rules and regulations at heart too! All the best . with your search!