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Because of current technology you will find endless possibilities concerning the storage, handling, management and duplication of the digital information we've. Regarding the copying and distribution of video information, one of the activities that is in greatest demand today will be the cd burning company.

This sort of service is very effective, safe, fast and universally accessible, and that's why content creators use it for distribution. What is DVD duplication?

DVD duplication is the process by which multiple copies are quickly produced from an original DVD Master.

Usually, a reverse phone lookup also includes labeling, packaging and shipping of copies. Are you aware that labeling of the copies, you can do this with the use of stickers or, better by direct printing on the DVDs, with industrial inkjet printers or screen printing. With regard to packaging, cardboard boxes, cases, methacrylate boxes, covers, among other available choices can be used. The DVD duplication process

The method for DVD duplication is easy, and consists of the following steps:

• The DVD duplication process starts off with a blank DVD-R, which the content to become duplicated is recorded. Once this DVD provides the data being duplicated, it becomes the master DVD. • The information is carefully validated before duplication begins. • Next, automatic duplicators are employed that have a chance to record many discs simultaneously. As a result the DVD duplication process very fast and efficient. • Finally each copy is electronically verified being accepted or rejected.

Obviously, the process time may vary depending on the number of DVDs to become duplicated. Who uses DVD duplication services?

DVD duplication services are often utilized by record companies, independent artists, bands, recording studios, publishers, communication or advertising agencies, event agencies, among many more.

When time is a factor, DVD duplication can allow you to quickly your articles.

DVD duplication vs. DVD replication

Another method that is used to build copies of DVDs is replication. On this process, a "glass master" is done from the original content, which could take 1-3 days. This glass master is used to reproduce each DVD from polycarbonate granules. Finally the DVD is printed in offset or silkscreen.

Although both processes generate copies of information, they are completely different. We present a brief comparison between DVD duplication service and DVD replication.

DVD duplication DVD replication

A Professional DVD duplication service produces a duplicated disc with the exact same quality like a replicated disk.

Usually, the DVD duplication can be used for copies which is between 1 to 1500 copies. Or for quick jobs. Replication can be used to generate more and more copies. From greater than 1000 DVDs.

A master disc is used to transfer the knowledge to blank DVD-Rs. Turn Times are short, as little as 24 hours. A "glass master" is made from the original content. Creating a glass master can take 1 to 3 days.

Duplication is really a faster process. Setup time is minimal, and a DVD duplication service can start producing discs immediately. Replication generally takes longer due to the steps required to make a glass pattern, and also to generate screens for printing.

Additionally, the replication process should have a clean environment to acquire adequate reproduction.

A DVD duplication services are the ideal alternative if you are looking for quality and speed. It is possible to find a service of the type on the web, but before choosing any of them, we recommend that you do some on-line research on the provider.