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The best sex positions enable you and the partner to attain simultaneous orgasms. However, a lot of people don't seem to be right. Based on a recent survey by ABC News, only 30% of American women reported they "always" find a way to orgasm in sex. Now think about: is your woman in the same shoe as them?

Fortunately, you don't have to master the ability of a porn actor to satisfy your woman. There are few easy positions that enable sex deep penetration and erotic stimulation for of you. Read out once we reveal the lower down of the finest deep penetration positions:

Important: Usually do not underestimate foreplay!

Foreplay for men is exactly what happens about 3 minutes before sex.-Dr. Louann Brizendine

Should you view foreplay in this way, then you are in to a lot of troubles. According to experts, it takes minimum 15 minutes of arousal time before a female can reach orgasm. Foreplay is a key the answer to prepare her for sex. It helps to produce fluids in the private areas to improve sexual pleasure and orgasms. Should you rush sex, she'll have difficulties to offer the big "O". Besides, she may feel uncomfortable together with your penetration because of lack of moisture. You'll find nothing worse when compared to a painful intercourse!

The bottom line is, please do not be stingy with foreplay. There are many ways to make her hot in foreplay, including hugging, oral sex, kissing, and sensual massage. The primary focus needs to be her pleasure.

Deep Penetration Positions

  1. 1. Lotus Position

On this position, you lay on bed with extended or crossed legs. She sits on your own lap and places her practical your shoulder. Then, she wraps her legs around your waist with going up and down along your penis shaft.

Tip: As she actually is doing her job, attempt to squeeze your personal computer muscle like you are doing Kegel exercise. It's going to exponentially intensify your orgasm!

  1. 2. Full Mast Position

It is the classical missionary position after a little twist. As she will lie upon her back, put her legs on your own chest, then raise legs as much as form a "L" shape in terms of her body. You knee down facing her and penetrate from front. This situation allows deep thrusting and supplies high level of sensation because it makes you fee "tight".

Tip: Instead of lying on bed, have her to lie on a table where her buttock is put at the edge. It's going to allow you to penetrate deeper and leave your hands free to fondle her body.

  1. 3. Cowgirl position

Cowgirl position is a wonderful deep penetration positions. It allows deep thrusting and erotic stimulation. In a typical cowgirl position, you lie face up while she sits along with you to do all the work. She is in charge of the angle and speed of stimulation which equals maximum sensation for of you. If your woman is conscious with body image, suggest reverse cowgirl position which she faces against you.

Tip: The up-and-down movement can be pretty tiring for her. You can have her to slightly bend forward and return and forth. It takes less efforts from her as well as increase chances of clitoral orgasm.

Now listen.. When these tips are coupled with your big penis sex position, it's going to send her to absolute heaven!