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Many parents and non-parents alike understand that children have fears. Some childhood fears are outgrown among others linger, and that is for the most part simple and normal to cope with for the parent. What are the results though, when one child has a fear of something another child enjoys or desires to do? For example, one child will have a fear of dogs and yet another only uses a puppy being a birthday present. Or one child may love go-karts and roller coasters, but the other features a fear of rides, including Coin Operated Ride on Toys. Ensuring family fun in the amusement center or entertainment park can be difficult with opposite wants and needs. Below are five ideas to help manage this kind of outing.

-Observe It is sometimes best to walk the child with the fear of the rides round the park and gauge the reaction to various rides and activities. It may be that the parent soon realizes there are particular types of rides that invoke fear. Maybe the one that spins a lot or perhaps it's the one that adopts a dark tunnel. Once we know of, avoid the type of rides to check out ones that both (or all) children may be involved in and enjoy.

-Start Small Sometimes, the best way to work through anxiety is to address it in slow, gentle, simple steps. For amusement center rides, it may be that starting with something slow understanding that remains on the floor is best. A train ride, or a slow loop from the go-kart track, or even time in the moonwalk may help ease tensions and fears for additional "grown-up" rides.

-Ride Along There are many kids rides which will also accommodate a grown-up. Offer to ride with all the child and speak to them throughout the process. By having fun being a parent, the enjoyment and thrill of rides is modeled in a healthy way. Also, when the child becomes too upset, parents will be there to comfort and provide a hug when the ride is over. Also, if you have a sibling, friend, or relative who's along with the outing, this is often a good time for those to ride together and for the child with fears to determine other kids laughing and enjoying rides.

-Talk it Over Perhaps among the best tips would be to talk to the little one who is concern about rides before the trip to the park. Explain there will be rides and just how the park operates the rides in the safe manner. This can be a time to clarify that once over a ride, the child must hold back until it is over prior to getting off, to not try to become too brave or maintain others who aren't afraid.

-Find Alternatives Sometimes, the mother and father must believe that one child will ride many rides and yet another simply won't. This doesn't suggest that trips for the entertainment park are impossible, it just signifies that there will be certain activities not experienced by all. Once the rides are occurring, search for other fun activities including mini golf, arcade games or the moonwalk to occupy the non kids ride rider and then sit back and take pleasure in their enjoyment and fun.