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After the long months of winter, the skin might be struggling with indoor heat, the wind, cold, and, for some of us, snow and ice. Not only can the colder months leave your skin dry, however it can also result in a monotonous appearance and visible fine lines. One method to help manage your dry skin is through Buy Protein Powder.

Although there are a number of choices on the market, you can also make your own in the home. This is a great method for saving money whilst a closer eye about the ingredients you are applying to your skin.

So, when you have dry or dull skin this winter season, you can find my favourite DIY facial remedies below.

Spirulina and Manuka Honey Hydration Mask

I really like this mask because it’s incredibly nourishing and incredibly simple to make. I take advantage of spirulina, also referred to as blue-green algae, that is packed with antioxidants that have the potential to assist with wrinkles and fine lines.

The other ingredient with this mask is manuka honey, which can potentially reduce inflammation and irritation due to acne. Moreover, manuka honey can be a humectant, so it moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and supple.


2 tbsp. manuka honey One teaspoon. spirulina powder One teaspoon. water or rose water, or another herbal hydrosol mist Instructions

Mix all ingredients together inside a jar or bowl. Apply the mixture gently straight to your skin. Leave on for Half an hour. Rinse off with water.