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Tokyo is really a remarkable, big city the residence of more than 10 million people. Oahu is the capital city of Japan as well as to a wide variety of historic, fun, and quirky appeals. Whether it be the biggest tuna auction on the planet to the Imperial Palace or robotic restaurants to vampire-themed cafes. Tokyo is but one such place which is often ideal for anybody and everybody. It hardly matters whether you are visiting Tokyo for a short term or are preparing to reside there, you are going to find enough methods of passing your time and energy and have the well-organized chaos with this city. To produce your trip a lot more exhilarating, here are the best Things to do in Tokyo:

• Exploring the Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace may be the residence with the king of Japan. This is a mighty spot from which you can understand about the culture and history of Japan. This palace was constructed within the 15th century and few walls and moats ever since then still stand tall today.

• Experiencing the Tea Ceremony

Your vacation to Tokyo can never be complete without having an experience of the conventional tea ceremony. A Buddhist monk brought tea to Japan in the 9th century and up until the 12th century, it started materialising of a ceremony. In some cases, these ceremonies are lengthy and expensive, but you can hunt for economic options too.

• Relaxing within the Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a wonderful spot to get relaxation for some hours or even a complete day. It's a spot that provides calmness and serenity to click photos of the cheery trees that outline the Park from all of sides. You can also choose this park like a picnic spot on a sunlit summer afternoon.

They're some of the ways where you can make your journey to Tokyo much more exciting. Tokyo is a real city that's worth a visit. You can have various kinds of experience once you are here and many types of such experiences can sum it up to make your trip more memorable than you may also think of.