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Nowadays, an Indian woman doesn't want to keep exactly the same traditional clothes, particularly the saree. She wants to create something new and fresh.

Women wish to look contemporary and modern, but also ultimately be different as well as. However, we need to respect the standard way since it is part of Indian background and Indian women want it.

The wedding dresses of indian brides is not only a long little bit of fabric, it's a humble cloth that more than the years has changed. We can notice presented today with innovative and modern silhouettes as well as in different ways of draping.

In modern times, there are 4 various kinds of sarees: the dhoti saree, khadi saree, gown saree and the pre-stitched saree.

The Dhoti Saree

The Dhoti saree is really a new look for your traditional silhouette. This really is one of the sarees which has the most important western inspiration and contemporary look.

The modern dhoti saree of today attracts attention from many Indian fashion lovers. Over the following few seasons, we have to be prepared to see such styles around the red carpet and also on Bollywood stars also.

The best colour palettes for the dhoti sarees are red, coral and blush tones of pink for your main ones, nevertheless the style can be in powder blue and gold. What we can add towards the dhoti saree is a delicate fine jewellery piece to have the perfect outfit.

The Khadi Saree

Khadi sarees will have a revolutionary impact in the fashion industry. However, khadi sarees are not for everyone, this style is perfect for people who love Indian textiles, colour palettes and fabrics. These sarees are worn with silk blouses and delicate glitter or embroidery around the saree.

Khadi is an eco-friendly, handmade, natural and versatile fabric. If someone else wears a khadi saree, the initial impression is that's very light and feels like a second skin.

The best colours for any khadi saree are yellow, indigo blue, alizarin red and pomegranate.

The Gown Saree

Gown sarees are simple to fit, glamorous and have an elegant silhouette. You just need to put on the outfit, nearly as easily as wearing an outfit, and you are all set to go!

For events including cocktail events, weddings and card parties, there is an increasing demand because of this kind of saree.

The most used fabrics for gown sarees are chiffons, brocade, georgettes, silk and lycra. With gown sarees, you are able to opt for solid colours and robust embroidery textures, because the style suits an even more bold look.

And concerning the accessories, bangles and earrings are the most useful to complement this kind of saree.

The Pre-Stitched Saree

The pre-stitched sarees exists in different forms: we can have narrow pallus but additionally fixed pleats. To have a perfect look with this type of saree, add a textured trouser as opposed to an under-skirt.

And then, maybe you can play with the cuts of blouses to produce an interesting and different outfit. Concerning prints or textures, 3D embroidery about the saree will be perfect.

In conclusion?

The style and sort of saree you finally select depends upon the event and what type of impression you want to create. Is there a specific kind of saree you prefer?