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You may only pick a best kids magician once to your child’s birthday and a family or party. So, how would you choose the one that’s good for you? It’s a dilemma many parents have raised with me when looking to book someone. The key difficulties people raise with me seem to be;

• My child wants a magician and i also have no idea the easiest way one! • Lots of magicians state the best. Who are able to I believe? • Some advertise saying these are the ‘Number 1 Magician’. How do there become more than one number one? And how would they say they are # 1? What is the proof? • Is regarded as the expensive the best one to get? They are just a few of the difficulties mums, dads, event organizers, etc, have when attemping to choose a magician. To complete my best to reply to the above I am going to first mention what exactly is not really negotiable whatsoever. Here’s what I suggest when choosing a magician for the party or perhaps. Choosing Your Magician 1. Select a minimum of two, preferably three, to take into account contacting. 2. When you look at their websites label of list of questions to ask them. 3. Whenever you call or email them ask your queries and make sure they really properly answer them and not ignore them. Specifically in regards to Insurance and Child Safety. 4. Do they use fire in their shows or any props that can end up being dangerous, like floating a young child? 5. Don’t be pressured with statements including, “I only have one booking available that day should you book now” or “Call others if you want but I am the best/#1 Magician in Sydney” or perhaps the old “No I’m too busy..Oh see that, I can just squeeze you in.” 6. Get yourself a selection of fees and ensure you know what’s included your money can buy. Remember, you may only get a magician once for your child do you want a suitable one. The costliest may not be the most effective and the cheapest may not be the worst. We wish you to use a great magic party and for you to obtain the best kids Magician Sydney for the child.